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Renting Your Property

Welcome to an elevated level of service.   An unexpected and pleasantly surprised level of service than you have ever experienced before with other companies.   Our mission is to help you rent your second home and garner additional income from unused time, but much more than that, we are here to provide you with peace of mind, and that is the most valuable thing we offer to our clients. 

What We Provide:

  1. Exceptional service.   You will have a dedicated local manager with direct cell phone access to them at any time.  Your manager will inspect your property after every paid guest reservation and report back to you. We will custom tailor a program for you that meet your income goals, risk tolerance, and other services that you might require.

  2. Smart Lock and Thermostat Automation.  Enhanced security and control over heat.

  3. Linen Program.  Standardized high quality linens washed professionally offsite.

  4. Professional Pictures.  We invest in professional pictures with an interactive floor plan which we use to market your property.   Great pictures are everything and the floor plan provides total transparency to guests.

  5. More Exposure.  We get more exposure for your property by listing your property on the most popular vacation rental sites at the highest tiers possible.  Sites including, Luxury Retreats, VRBO, AirBnB, HomeAway,, Expedia, and many more.

  6. Local Staff:  All of our reservation staff are local instead of being located far away in a call center.   This translates into higher inquiry conversion.

  7. Large Database of Past Tahoe Focused Clients.   With over 11,000 bookings for our properties in the last 10 years, we have a large database of past guest clients who love our service, love the Tahoe/Truckee area and will love your property.   We broadcast email over 20,000 past inquirers monthly marketing the Tahoe area and our portfolios of outstanding properties.
  8. Data Pricing Analysis.  We use sophisticated data analysis tools to evaluate comparable property prices so that your property is priced for success.


Exceptional Service

We treat your home like it’s one of our own.  We keep an eye on it.  We care about it and we care about you.  Our managers are highly trained experts in vacation rental management.    We assign one dedicated manager to be your personal representative, your one point of contact, who will come to know you and your home intimately.   We don’t believe in voicemail or phone queues.  We believe that you should have direct cell phone access to your manager; a local manager, not someone in a faraway call center.  You call and they answer; any day of the year, at any time.

Your manager will personally oversee operations of your home and like a bespoke tailor;  they will customize a vacation rental program that fits your personal goals and requirements.  They will check on your home after every reservation and call or email you with a report that it is secure and clean.   They will also report any problems or issues that they see with recommendations on courses of action which they will oversee with your approval.  Wouldn’t it be great to have a relationship in Tahoe to help you enjoy your second home and provide you with peace of mind that they are watching out for you?   Well now you can with us as your trusted vacation rental partner.


No Dynamic Pricing

Some companies in our area offer airline style “dynamic pricing” where nightly rates are constantly changing with the goal of maximizing occupancy of your home.    We believe this is a bad idea because algorithmic pricing devalues you home.   Yes it will fill your home with renters but at what cost? We’ve seen some Luxury Homes in the market being offered for $200 per night.  Yikes.  When you vacation rent your home you need to consider all of the costs including the inevitable wear/tear and increased utility costs which come from renting.   Our goal is to have quality guests and families who rent your home and understand its value.   We do not believe it is in your best interest to have your home filled every day of the year with low nightly rates.  We prefer to wait and essentially cherry pick only the best guests who understand your home’s value.    The least expensive homes book well in advance while your home will book after most of the market is filled which brings in higher nightly rates and more income.  While offering discounts and specials are essential in any marketing, we can control what pricing levels best suit your income goals while balancing your personal risk tolerance.


We Don’t Over Occupy Your Property

Some companies in our market will make promises of guaranteed additional profit.  This causes pressure to accept bookings regardless of the group profile.  This increases the risk that your property will be stuffed with people that exceed the maximum occupancy limit increasing wear/tear costs.  We are very careful to screen guest groups to make sure that they do not over occupy your property.  We actually require guests to give us the names and approximate ages of all the individuals who are staying at the property.  Our philosophy is that having high quality guest groups is more important to our clients than accepting every reservation possible regardless of group size.   This might result in fewer bookings and less revenue but it saves your home from higher wear/tear and utility costs and provides you with more peace of mind.  Our discerning clients actually prefer to have less income in exchange for more responsible guests.


Customized Program and Services

Your Property is as unique as you are.  We tailor our program to balance your risk tolerance and income goals.  Perhaps your property requires special services such as more frequent clearing of snow or weekly or monthly inspections with reporting.  Do you require more frequent hot tub service?  Does your property require specific routine maintenance?  What about dogs?  Do you want additional income while accepting the wear/tear of dogs?  How about minimum stay requirements?   Would you like us to prepare your property for your own family’s arrival?  All of these can be addressed and customized to fit you and your property.


Professional Pictures and Interactive Floor Plan

Professional pictures are everything when it comes to promoting your property for vacation rental.  Discerning guests want to understand what your home is like and they prefer to see floor plans.  We make your home shine with over 40 professional pictures and an interactive floor plan which communicates exactly what your home is like.  Guests always want to know more graphic information before investing thousands of dollars in their Tahoe vacation.   Our interactive floor plans are an industry leading solution which helps to convert “lookers” into “bookers”.


More Exposure With Unsurpassed Marketing Reach

In addition to our own beautiful device responsive website, we list your property on more sites than anyone else with top tier investments into HomeAway, VRBO ad Vacation   Your property will be listed on AirBnB, and the entire Expedia Network.   For select Luxury Properties we list your property on Luxury Retreats, the world leader in Luxury Rentals worldwide.  In addition to these powerful lodging sites, we continually broadcast email our email newsletter to over 11,000 past guests and over 20,000 past inquirers.


Local Reservation Staff

Our reservation staff all live locally here in Tahoe.   They know the area and will know your property intimately because they will tour through it.   Who can do a better job of converting “lookers into bookers” ?  Agents in a faraway call center, or local people who know the area and your property?  Our local reservation agents are highly trained vacation rental planners and they take the time to work with guests to have the best experience in Tahoe possible.


Home Automation and Improved Lock Security

Our lock and home automation system is nothing short of awesome.  We install an elegant rubbed bronze keypad lock system on your door.  This allows us to generate unique key codes for guests that only work during their stay, greatly improving security and eliminating the problem of lost keys.  We can open this lock remotely if needed and allows us to generate temporary codes for service vendors so we can track who is entering your property and when.   In addition, we install a smart thermostat which allows us to monitor your heat and turn it up or down remotely.  During extreme cold we are alerted if your property temperature dips below threshold which greatly reduces the risk of frozen pipes.


Linen Program

Fresh high quality linens are brought in and removed to be professionally washed.   No more lost linens or linens which are not cleaned properly or left wet in your washing machine.   Linens are the most challenging and time consuming part of any vacation rental clean.  With a linen program, cleaners can finish cleaning your home with less time and they don’t have to go back and forth between homes to wash linens.   You also save on utility costs because your dryer isn’t being used to dry linens and towels.


We Take Care of Everything

With over 11,000 guest groups over the past 10 years, our guest clients are outstanding.  They come to us for quality assurance that they will have a wonderful vacation experience.   For our owners we take care of the following:

  • Marketing Syndication to major websites.
  • We are a Local company.  We handle all guest inquiries with Local reservation specialists who will know your home and know the area.  Other companies use far away reservation call centers where agents can possible know the nuances of your property or the Tahoe area.
  • Pre-Arrival Checks  to make sure your home is stocked and ready to go.
  • Free Guest Gift Baskets.   We welcome guests into your home with a welcome basket.  It’s our way of saying “Thank you!”
  • Departure cleaning to hospitality standards (paid by the guest)
  • Check out report.   Your manager will personally inspect your property and send you a check out report of your property after every guest reservation.
  • Damage mitigation fund which we personally control with up to $3,000 in accidental damage protection with every guest booking.  If they break something, you are covered.  We do not use third party insurance providers who have difficult restrictions.
  • TOT tax remission.  We certify that your property complies with local tax ordinances so that you do not get penalized.  We collect the TOT tax from each group and pay the jurisdiction where your property is located.
  • Check out report.   Your manager will send you a check out report of your property after every guest reservation.
  • Reservation notifications.   We will email you when we make a reservation so you can see its dates and net proceeds.


Personal Owner Account

You will have your own account where you can block off time for your family, see upcoming reservations and see stored monthly statements.  Your owner proceeds will be sent electronically directly into your account each month via ACH.   You can decide to have paper statements and a paper check, or you can go fully electronic.


We Welcome You!

Welcome to our family of homes which we are proud to represent and serve with exceptional service.  We think you deserve to have this experience and we look forward to a long relationship with you and your home in Tahoe.