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Real Estate Services for Second Home Owners In Lake Tahoe and Truckee

Pullen Realty Group has been helping buyers and sellers of vacation rental property achieve smooth transparent transactions since 2006.   We know the Tahoe/Truckee vacation rental market better than anyone else and we take pride in putting our clients interests first.  Great transactions require patience without the pressure from your agent to make the sale.

For Buyers:

Vacation Renting your second home is a great way to garner additional income to offset expenses.   It keeps your home running and maintained with regular cleaning and snow shovelling.  Developing a solid income stream helps to increase your home's value in the vacation rental market where buyers down the road select your property because of established incom.   There are also significant tax savings when you rent your home in terms of depreciation and the ability to do a 1031 exchange if you decide to sell your property in the future.

The vacation rental market is intensely competititve.  Not every property is suitable for vacation rentals and we can help you select a property that will perform and steer you away from making a purchase that doesn't make sense.   Even if you are working with another agent we are happy to help you understand a properties potential income and if it can perform as a vacation rental.

For Sellers:

If you are a seller, we will help plan the sale and prepare your property to acheive it's highest potential market value.   Our outstanding professional pictures and impressive virtual floor plan tour help buyers understand exactly how your property is configured.  Your property will appear virtually everywhere on every agent website, on every broker website and on all of the most popular Real Estate websites such as Zillow,, Trulia and many more.   We will feature your property in our monthly broadcast emails to over 20,000 past Lake Tahoe Vacation Rental guest groups. This powerful marketing platform gets your property in front of people who have stayed in Tahoe before and have dreams of owning a second home in Tahoe.

The Lake Tahoe/Truckee Real Estate market is unlike the hot Bay Area market.   Transacations are challenging because it is largely a second home owner's market where sellers, in general, do not have to sell and buyer's do not have to buy.  The Bay Area is a primary home market.  Sellers need to move into another property as buyers and buyers need an immediate place to live.  This causes more urgency in the Bay Area, whereas there is less urgency to buy or sell in the Tahoe / Truckee market.

Every seller's and buyer's goals are unique.   We get to know our clients intimately and provide them with information and suggestions that effect the highest and best results for them.