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What the heck is TOT Tax?

5 Jul 2016
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In most places in the country, there is a required tax on any short term stay of 1 to 31 days.   This tax must be charged on the rent and any fixed fees such as a cleaning fee or damage waiver fee.  In Tahoe and Truckee we are obligated to collect 10% in Placer County, 12% in the Town of Truckee, and 13% in Washoe County NV. (for instance Incline Village)  This tax makes up to 20% of the Town of Truckee’s revenue and is used to fund local infrastructure, local police forces and the beautiful new downtown restoration that makes our area beautiful.  When you come to Tahoe, do you like the new bike trails and parks?  Do you appreciate our beautiful Town?  These amenities are funded by TOT tax.

Some guests and owners think that because they are renting a home instead of a hotel that the TOT tax does not apply and this is not correct.   Any small lodging operator, including individual home owners are required to collect and remit TOT tax on the rent and any other fixed fee.